Sunday, November 07, 2004

A Democrat Customer Satisfaction Survey

It seems as if the Dems have come up with a customer satifaction survey:

This is extremely amusing to me. Here's the top ten things I'd tell them, in no particular order:

10. Ignore the media telling you that you're not the party of values. In this Orwellian age, words have whatever meaning the right-wing Information Ministers imbue them with.

9. Resist the urge to become Republican Lite. Become a real opposition party.

8. You have become the party of women, minorities, and young people. Let your leadership reflect that fact.

8. Don't make gays and lesbians the new black people of the party--courted every four years, a relationship of convenience.

7. Tell the Republicans we'll give up Michael, Al, and Janeane when they get rid of Rush, Sean, Ann, Bill, Laura, Michelle... and the beat goes on. Sorry, right-wingers. We like Mike.

6. Get the rest of the Midwest. Indiana might be a long time coming, but Missouri is a good bet, and so is Iowa. Colorado--ours in 2008. Nevada--if not in 2008, then definitely in 2012 if demographic trends continue.

5. Encourage young Democrats who are on fire right now for the cause to read the great documents of democracy, from classical thought, from the American experience, and from the worldwide anti-colonial and anti-totalitarian struggle worldwide. The Republicans love to quote the Founding Fathers... our young people need to be able to state the view that the Federalist Papers give about dissent and the rights of minority opinions.

4. Start winning the hearts and minds of the young. I cannot stress this enough. Strengthen College Democrats nationwide. Have them sponsor high school events. Urge them to volunteer in the local community.

3. Find your way back to the working class. The demise of labor organizations is one reason why the blue-collar white middle American worker is no longer voting his/her economic interests. I have been on the receiving end of elite liberal contempt (however unwitting) from my bicoastal friends, who think Detroit is a backwater slum on the edge of a pond somewhere in flyover space. Tsk, tsk. Looking down your nose isn't a very good way to get votes.

2. Elect Howard Dean chair of the DNC. Rather than railing about the "Howard Dean-Michael Moore" wing of the party, you'd better be thanking them and groveling, because if it wasn't for them, Kerry's defeat would have been more crushing than it was. Some of us were around during the year-long primary season and have long memories, you see...

1. Protest George W. Bush's inauguration on January 20, 2005. Was he fairly elected? I suppose so. Do we have to like it? No.

The best way to remind GWB that 51% is not a mandate is to have a million men and women in the capital (yes, in the January cold) on Inauguration Day. If this is organized, I intend to take part. More later...


Blogger Sue said...

Like the list. has one I like, too, especially # 5.

November 8, 2004 at 11:30 AM  
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